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First of all, on behalf of the Executive Board, I would like to send our respectful greetings, thank you to all the customers who have supported the Company during the past time and are very pleased to send you the information Details about CHUAN'A CONSTRUCTION. Although the company is quite young, but with the skills and experience of the team and the executives in the construction field has participated in many previous big projects, the company is always very confident in the business strategy. business, competency and really pride in what the Company has achieved; expressed through the values ​​and benefits brought to customers through the projects / works implemented by the Company.

STANDARD A has always tied its business results with the commitment of responsibility and commitment to the quality of products and services provided. The company truly believes that success is not only based on profit calculated by numbers, but more importantly, success is also expressed by the value of benefits, the difference brought to customers through each service. case and work done. Company strategy reflects the commitment to pursue a sustainable business development strategy; harmonize the balance between the current efficiency goals and investment for development for the future.

This is specifically reflected in the direction through the promulgated policy. QCPI policy, emphasizing Quality - Commitment - Professional - Innovation innovation; is the value and guideline for all activities of the Company in all business activities with Products - Customers - Services provided - Business activities.

I would like to take this opportunity to commit to the customers of CHUAN'A COPORATION & CHUAN'A CONSTRUCTION, We will always try our best, make every effort to reach the expectations and satisfy our customers. as well as try to best meet the most difficult requirements of customers.

We will always respect and look forward to any opportunities that customers give and will endeavor to bring the highest benefits for projects that customers trust us.

We hope to continue to receive the cooperation and trust of our customers.


Chairman of the Board

0907 49 45 49